LMS365 and Artificial Intelligence (AI): data, privacy, and security

In LMS365, you can activate a preview of the AI-enhanced features. Currently, the AI-driven chatbot from LMS365 can be accessed within Teams. For more information, see this article.

This article elaborates on the methods employed by LMS365 to manage data, ensure privacy, and maintain security in the context of AI-powered features.


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Does LMS365 adhere to GDPR regulations and legislation with regard to the use of AI?

Yes. LMS365 adheres to GDPR regulations and legislation with regard to AI.

Currently, LMS365 uses the Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, which operates based on prompts. It's important to note that LMS365 doesn't transfer any training data to this service.

To learn more about the Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, see this Microsoft article.

You can find detailed information about the security measures LMS365 takes to protect customer data in this LMS365 Trust Center article.


Which system does LMS365 use for its AI-powered features? Is it connected to ChatGPT?

For AI-powered features, LMS365 uses the Azure Azure OpenAI Service. It doesn't use ChatGPT. To learn more about the Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, see this Microsoft article.

GPT serves as the foundational AI technology that can be interfaced with through APIs.

The distinction between ChatGPT and the LMS365 AI-powered chatbot lies in the following aspects:

  • ChatGPT is an AI chatbot application that's built on top of GPT and relies on a set of GPT parameters. ChatGPT is specially trained for chat and incorporates additional features, such as content filters and plugins.
  • The LMS365 AI-powered chatbot uses the GPT Large Language Model (LLM), which is one of the most extensive neural networks. The GPT LLM consists of hundreds of billions of parameters and empowers AI applications to generate textual content.


Where is AI data stored?

Data relating to AI is housed within Microsoft Azure data centers, just like all other LMS365 data. The specific location of these data centers is determined by the region chosen during the LMS365 installation process.

To read more about LMS365 data storage, see this article in the LMS365 Trust Center.


Where is AI data processed?

The data processing centers for AI aren't the same as the LMS365 regional data centers, even though both are housed within Microsoft Azure. User prompts are processed in specific regions, according to the mapping in the following table.


LMS365 region in Azure

Corresponding AI region in Azure

North Europe

UK South

German West Central


France Central


Switzerland North


Switzerland North

Central US

US Gov Virginia

Australia East

Japan East

East US

Canada Central

 Canada East



Do LMS365 or Azure OpenAI use our company data to retrain any of the models

No. Neither LMS365 or Azure OpenAI use customer data for the purpose of retraining their models. Feedback that is submitted through LMS365 does not get stored on the Azure OpenAI end for any subsequent analysis. This is a measure taken for the protection and security of your data.


Do AI features fall under the scope of our current LMS365 contract?

Currently, LMS365 is offering all customers complimentary early access to its AI features. The future business model will be determined based on the insights and feedback gathered from this experience.

We would appreciate it if you could explore the benefits that the AI-powered features in LMS365 could bring to your organization and share your thoughts and suggestions with us. We also encourage you to invite others in your organization to give it a try.


Are there privacy and security implications that are outside of the scope of our current LMS365 contract?

The only variation in your current LMS365 contract is that the Azure regions where the AI model processes data don't directly correspond to the Azure regions where LMS365 is installed. For more information, see this section.


What restrictions are there on how I can use the AI-powered chatbot?

LMS365 doesn't impose any restrictions on the use of the AI-powered chatbot. However, during the preview period, LMS365 reserves the right to discontinue this service for any reason, regardless of whether it's customer related.


Feedback and questions

If you have any questions or comments about using the AI-powered chatbot within LMS365, or around compliance or privacy, contact us at dataprotection@elearningforce.com.

If you have suggestions, proposals, or input regarding how we can enhance the AI-driven chatbot within LMS365, we invite you to share them on our Ideas platform.

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