Graph Permissions (App)

The Learners List in LMS365 allows the LMS & Course Administrators to see who the Learner is, who their Manager is, what department they belong to, the office they are based in etcetera. To be able to provide this level of detail LMS365 needs to be able to read the Microsoft Graph and synchronize this data with LMS365 and keep the records up to date by regularly checking with Microsoft Graph whether there are any changes.

Read all users' full profiles 

Some features such as the Installation & assigning LMS365 Administrators can only be done by an Office 365 Global Administrator. For LMS365 to be able to understand what roles a user has and whether they are an Office 365 Global Administrator, LMS365 needs this permission. 

Read directory data 

LMS365 synchronizes Account Name, User Display Name, Email Address, Department, Job Title, Office, Country, City, Manager ID/Email to enable administrators to search and filter by these fields in the Learners List as well as be able to run reports. 

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