Azure Paired Reqions

Azure operates in multiple geographies around the world. An Azure geography is a defined area of the world that contains at least one Azure Region. An Azure region is an area within a geography, containing one or more datacenters.

To ensure Business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) each Azure region is paired with another region within the same geography, together making a regional pair.


Figure 1 – Azure regional pair diagram

 LMS365 Geography Paired regions
 Asia Pacific  Japan East  Japan West
 Australasia  Australia East  Australia Southeast
 Canada  Canada Central  Canada East
 Germany  Central Germany  Northeast Germany
 Europe  North Europe (Ireland)  West Europe (Netherlands)
 North America  Central US  East US 2
 UK  UK South  UK West
 US Government  US Gov Virginia  US Gov Texas


An example of paired regions

Figure 2 below shows a hypothetical application which uses the regional pair for disaster recovery. The green numbers highlight the cross-region activities of three Azure services (Azure compute, storage, and database) and how they are configured to replicate across regions. The unique benefits of deploying across paired regions are highlighted by the orange numbers.


Figure 2 – Hypothetical Azure regional pair

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