Personal Data & Data Storage

Personal Data stored outside of Office 365

LMS365 stores the below personal data in Microsoft Azure. Each customer’s data is stored in a dedicated Database for the respective customer. These Databases are hosted in the LMS365 Microsoft Azure subscription meaning that they are managed by ELEARNINGFORCE:

  • Account Name
  • User Display Name
  • Email Address
  • Department
  • Job Title
  • Office
  • Country
  • City
  • Manager ID/Email
  • Training Records *

* Training Records consist of information about which trainings a Learner have enrolled into, started and/or completed historically. This includes information about pass/fail information of any assessments as well as assessment scores if used.

NOTE: No personal data will ever be used or shared by ELEARNINGFORCE and/or Partners in respect to marketing or any other purpose.

Data Storage

LMS365 provisions a dedicated Database for each customer in which all Learner Records are stored. Having a dedicated Database ensures that no data will be accessible/visible by other customers.

Technical Support Telemetry

To improve technical support investigations we track requests done to LMS365 using Microsoft Azure Application Insights. In the requests we register the following personal data is stored:

  • User Login Name (i.e. Email Address)

Microsoft Azure Application Insight data is secured and is only kept for 90 days after which it is deleted automatically by Microsoft.

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