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Zensai/EFI is dedicated to creating secure software free from vulnerabilities and is proud that the LMS365 app is verified by 3rd party security experts Veracode, reaching the highest level of the Verified program: Veracode Verified Continuous. In this article, we will describe the Veracode Verified Continuous seal and Zensai/EFI's commitment to create secure software.

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Veracode Verified Continuous

The Veracode Verified program is designed by Veracode to improve application security posture and secure development processes. The program awards the Verified seal to companies that have made security a priority.

The Veracode Verified Continuous seal builds on the security processes embedded in the development lifecycle from the Verified Team to include the following security gates:

  • Integration of security tools into development workflows.
  • Assessment of the application using an alternate technique (ex. dynamic analysis).
  • Documentation that the application does not include any Very High, High or Medium flaws.
  • Completion of a bi-annual mitigation review.
  • Documentation of a 30-day remediation deadline.
  • Provide advanced training on secure coding for the security champion identified on the development team.
  • Provide development team with training on secure coding.

Zensai/EFI's commitments

LMS365 is verified by the 3rd party security experts Veracode, reaching the highest level of the Verified program called Veracode Verified Continuous.

This validates the level of security which the LMS365 Development Team has incorporated as part of their secure development lifecycle (SDLC).

LMS365 customers and partners can rest confident that security has been embedded into the development process of the LMS365 product.



LMS365’s listing in Veracode Directory.

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