Data Deletion & Media Sanitation

What happens to your data if you leave the service?

It is Zensai/EFI's responsibility to permanently destroy the Customer Data upon Customer’s request, with special emphasis on destroying all data in the scope in all locations and ensure all copies have been discarded.

Zensai/EFI shall at its own discretion determine data destruction schedules but shall wherever possible perform such destruction in accordance with the Customers' requested timetable. Supplier shall have the obligation to wipe persistent media used for storing Customers Data or secure deletion of Customers Data with related techniques before it is released into re-use.

Data deletion & retention period

When the LMS365 subscription ends, Customer Data will be deleted after 90 days from the LMS365 Azure Subscription. The data will still be available on the backup to a maximum of 35 days after which time the data will be completely unobtainable.

Data deletion on physical storage devices on Azure

Due to LMS365 being built on Microsoft Azure as a Software as a Service solution, Zensai/EFI doesn’t have physical access to wipe and destroy media used for storing Customer Data on Azure which follows Microsoft Media Sanitation guidelines below.

If a disk drive used for storage suffers a hardware failure, it is securely erased or destroyed before Microsoft returns it to the manufacturer for replacement or repair. The data on the drive is completely overwritten to ensure the data cannot be recovered by any means.

When such devices are decommissioned, they are purged or destroyed according to NIST 800-88 Guidelines for Media Sanitation.

Microsoft is governed by strict standards and removes cloud customer data from systems under our control, overwriting storage resources before reuse, and purging or destroying decommissioned hardware.

Course catalogs (SharePoint site collections), subsites of the course catalogs' site collections, courses and course content stored within a course catalog's site collection (objects stored - e.g., word documents, PDFs, etc.):

These sites and their content belong entirely to the client's Microsoft 365 tenant and, therefore, Zensai/EFI does not delete these sites or their content.


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